Bolenius chair

Designing a chair is an addiction. It is the holy grail of every designer. It is his dream to make order out of this perfect cocktail of construction, ergonomics, stability and image. As designers we are constantly rethinking and re-examining the idea behind the chair. With a clear eye for shape and form we try to push the possibilities of production techniques to the limit without loosing the archetype. Proudly we present the Bolenius chair. A steel tub chair fixed on a wooden base. A balanced product and a personal victory for us as craftsmen.

Opening of restaurant Bolenius Amsterdam

The workshop

Exhibition / Art Fair 8 t / m October 17, 2010 Westergasfabriek Amsterdam / Art Olive Young Talent XXL

After the exposition of Joep Jacobs final project in 2008, followed an invitation to display new works during the XXL exposition. A first chance to present a few products from the Bolenius series.