Glass extension

Steel window frames are getting uncommon in residential building projects. They are being replaced with more common variants of plastic aluminum or wood. It is claimed that these materials are better suited within the current building regulations. With this tendency not only the industrial character but also a building technique is getting lost.

We have found a way to redevelop the steel window frame that suits the residential environment. Steel profiles are combined with a wooden joint. This combination gives the window frame a playful and warm character. The wood also serves as insulation while the steel parts makes the profile extremely strong. The window frame can be applied measuring only just over an inch wide and still carry large parts of glass. Combined with double-glazing the outside wheatear affects are reduced to a minimum to the indoor climate.


This glass expansion at the back of row house draws the sunlight in to living room. The expansion stretches almost 10 feet into the garden. The gutter is made as a constructive beam that carries the entire roof. This combination reduces the amount of elements to a minimum and gives the living room a open gesture towards the garden.