Steel orangery

Natural light and extra additional space. This extension combines the kitchen and living room and connects them with the garden. The construction is made of steel and wood. The Kitchen is also custom made by sannenjacobs.

The construction of the glasshouse is completed

This extension measures almost five meters in lenght and feels like a sunroom. To enhance the feeling of being outside the entire front can be moved aside and eight rooflights can be opened.

Views on the Indonesian delta city of the future Jakarta

After losing the battle for space with Jakarta the swampy floodplains of the Ciliwung river have almost disappeared. With it the natural roots of the delta existence are dissolving as well as many historical and socio-cultural values of the Indonesian city life. Tanah Antara is an attempt to re-establish the connection between sustainable water management and a densification model for existing kampongs that could remain the backbone of the Indonesian city. With this project Ruben Sannen Graduated at the Academie van Bouwkunst in Rotterdam in 2014 as Architect. More info on

Dutch Design Week 2014

We will present an overview of our projects During the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven as part of the Young Talent expo at Piet Hein Eek. The expo is open from the 18th of October until the 26th of October.

Wall cabinet

This is a custom made wall cabinet made from ash wood and common steel profiles. A simple construction method is chosen in which a steel frame shows itself inside and outside.

The Bolenius chair combined with solid wood

As a addition to the Bolenius chair the chair is now available with frames made of solid wood. Different kinds of wood can be chosen such as, Oak, Ash, Cherry and Nut wood.  In this case we have chosen to combine the dark grey seat with a dark Mansonia wooden frame.

Sannenjacobs hosted by Pastoe Toonkamer

We have been invited to present a selection of our collection at Pastoe in Utrecht at the Toonkamer. The furniture pieces are complemented with the symbol of our designer spirit. A section of Holland’s water landscape. A calculated patchwork.

The Archipelago line / Dutch Design Week 2013

We proudly present our first products from our new furniture series; the Archipelago line. These products derive from the Bolenius series and display new input in the combination of solid wood and steel.

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