Deckhouse Kitchen

This remodel was done for a New England Deckhouse. Deckhouses were developed mid-century as a modern alternative to the traditional colonial building style in Northeast America. They were offered as post beam building kits with exposed cedar decking and large windows wrapped in mahogany frames with steel casements. Even today those bare architecture elements offer a timeless and modern feel to these homes.

For this house we proposed enclosing the former screened in porch and designed a new kitchen there bringing it closer to the main living area. Newly designed facades with mahogany window frames were made to seamlessly follow the architecture of the existing house and bring as much of the outside scenery inside. A new custom glass door and casements were also designed to mimic the specific material pallet of these deckhouse components. A steel exterior frame combined with a mahogany interior.

The newly added space is arranged as an open layout where a kitchen island separates the dining room from the kitchen. The island is specifically designed as a furniture piece with an integrated bookcase and drawers on the living side and a more utilitarian interior on the kitchen side. A hanging cabinet with steel and glass sliders above the island gives further distance between cooking and dining while maintaining the ability to see through and beyond into the woods outside.   The materiality was inspired by kitchens of the same era in which the house was built. Wood cabinets wrapped in Afrormosia veneer and large solid pulls are combined with upper shelving units with color accents. All cabinets were custom made to fit this new timeless design seamlessly within the unique architecture of this Deckhouse. 

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