the twofold house

Single Family Home 
Location: Venray, The Netherlands
Design: SannenJacobs
Net Floor Area: 180m2
Completed: 2020

The Town of Venray has a rich building history. The high density of churches, monasteries and schools is clearly recognizable which gives the town its distinct character. Throughout history, these important buildings were always located along North-South oriented streets. Along one of these arteries we built this single family home. 

Two building characteristics from the surroundings served as inspiration for the design. The mainly functional farm buildings from the surrounding agricultural area and the classic administrative buildings of the adjacent Annapark, a former psychiatric institution that is now being repurposed. In addition, there were permit requirements where visibility from the street to the Annapark behind the parcel would not be obstructed by large structures. 

We have created a design consisting of two merging volumes with a gable roof which are slightly shifted from each other. The front part is therefore narrower than the total width of the house. This trick to break down the scale is also mirrored at the back. The corners that are being created provide more room for views to the Annapark. 

The double pitched gable roof is asymmetrical. The two sources of inspiration define the shape of the roof. The low pitch comes from the agricultural stables and farms, the steep pitch from the classic administrative buildings with bay windows and towers. The roof has a contrasting zinc finish, which makes the roof line stand out even more from the dark brick. A masonry that is an inspiration of the texture and colors of the pine barks of the Annapark. The facade at the rear is made of sand-colored stone, matching the sandy soil of the area, but also giving the house around the terrace a lighter character that contrasts with the pine forest. 

In the interior, the imposing roof shape is immediately visible upon entering a double height space. From here, a central hall connects all the surrounding areas. On the first floor, a long roof light brings in daylight into the hall over its entire length. All of the upstairs rooms have a unique ceiling due to the irregular roof pattern of the house. 

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